Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Visit home in pictures

I am back home (VA) now, and its amazing what has grown in my absence! The trees are fully leafed, if thats a word, and everything is sooo very green! Lush and green in a different color than Seattle green somehow. I think its lighter in color without the evergreens. And the crickets are back! They were one of the first things I noticed when we moved here, constant and loud like a soundtrack to everything and they have returned after the winter. And of course my dear husband is as wonderful as ever.
But enough of that, I am going to give you an overview snapshot of my trip home from all the pictures I took on my phone and sent home to Brian while I was away. Its kindof a day in the life, but a few large things like the baby showers are missing as we took pictures of those with a real camera.
First day back, and I am greeted with sun! The view from my Mother road! 

Pedicures with Mum!

Met my brother for lunch with Mum and dad

Found a temp ring thats bigger to wear while I am pregnant. 

Coffee with the bride

Manicures with the bride

The big day!

With Dad on the big day

Visit to our old home church the day after!

Showing Brian my belly getting bigger

Being spoiled by Mum with strawberries and cream for breakfast in her newly remodeled kitchen

At Ikea, Brian likes to greet me with this daily, especially when I am not looking my best, i.e. just woken up etc, so it was ironic to find it up on the wall in Ikea. 

Lunch with the parents

Easter at the in-laws, and my sister-in-law and my matching bellys

Watching Game of Thrones with my brother-in-law

Apparently Brian left this at his parents house when we moved and his Mother wondered if he wanted it. He replied "of course, I hand picked it out myself!" (for a fish tank in college) so home it came with me!

Dinner with my brother and family, here is the niece and I!

My niece nnd nephew took to Brian's brother at dinner. He is a big hit with the kids!

At one of my showers with my Aunt and "bossy lady" (Brian and I both worked for this dear lady!) 

Tea after the honeymoon with the bride and groom and the new tea things!

The Everett waterfront

Snow and civilized toilets at a rest stop crossing the mountains for the womans retreat. 

Visit with Aunt Judy in Wenachee before we started the retreat.

Dear friend Jonelle saying hi, you can't have her back to Brian via picture

And more mountain views driving home to Seattle to fly out the next day. 

After a miserable cold rainy spring in Seattle I got there just in time for the sun to come back out. I visited with lots more people, had lots of great coffee, and baby showers, thanks to all of you who made time to see me, I feel so blessed and refreshed for having visited with all of you, and at the same time so very glad to be back to my own couple acres here in Virgina. 

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