Friday, August 20, 2010

Blessed always

I am blessed always, blessed  again and again, why is it so easy to forget it. But it is, we forget, the blessing of yesterday in the wondering where todays blessings are. He provided before, 100 times before, why do I worry this will be the time He will not. But of course He will, and will again tomorrow and the day after that.
Thank you for all those of you who have prayed with me, been with me, let me vent my frustrations of Gods slowness with me. Thank you, you are irreplaceable, each of you.

We have some details finally sorted out, later of course than I expected but thats God for you. We got a hold of the navy and went to the base to sort out the movers coming, they will be here a week after we had planned and while Brian is gone, so I will finish work a week sooner than planned as one of us has to be there. But they are coming, and will pack up all my things and thats what matters. We also might have found a perfect rental. And I almost settled for something less than even OK so many time in my impatience, and now it looks like we might get this almost perfect place. What makes it so perfect you might ask? Well they want a month to month lease which was important if we are to buy a house and don't know when we might want to move. Its in a community we wanted to check and and see if we liked it enough to possibly buy there. Its 2 blocks from the beach, and its not to big and empty for us without all our household goods which will be in storage while we house hunt. And best of all it house a washer dryer and dishwasher which Brian wanted. So now we are awaiting the lease but hope all will be perfect and we will sign on the dotted line and I will not be Homeless! Which is the best part! And just in time, I need to pack what things we will drive across country with us in the next two days and I needed to know where we would be living so I knew what to pack!
Praise the Lord the provider of all!


  1. That is awesome Rochelle! I am so excited for you. The house looks cute. Post lots of pics when you move there. When is your actual move date now?

  2. Jessica we will be leaving here the 1st and getting there the 11th. Brian starts work the 13th. I posted more pic's on facebook and it looks like its a go. :-)

  3. The house is so so cute! It looks just like a VA house :) So glad that things are falling into place.