Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A place to live!

I am so excited! We have found a place to rent, and month to month while we look at homes to buy at that, which is perfect! I am so relived to know I have somewhere to go when we arrive, and in the area we wanted, so we can get to know it and see if its somewhere we might like to buy. Anyway I know some of you are interested, so here are some pictures, and if you could care less, feel free to skip this post!
This is the interior of the house I posted and showed the exterior of a few posts ago.
Front room
Screened in back porch
(I hear they are all the range on "the other coast", so I think I will be very "local" with this)

Kitchen clearly!

Kitchen looking into the front room
And the best part, and what I hope they will leave there just for Brian!

The Shower Curtain! Its like they knew I was coming! I might take pity on Brian and change it before having new friends over! :-)

Bedroom, small and doesn't look like much, but there is one!

And the owners kids had a party this Summer so this is the backyard, looks really great!

There you are, now you know as much as I do, the beach is 2 blocks away, and the only coffee shop in town is 12 blocks away (expresso station, Colonial Beach) and the library is 12 blocks too. We won't have much but there is an extra "room" (no window or closet so you can't call it a room officially) but its there and I brought an extra blanket, so bring your pillow and come on down, we have beach!


  1. Great find! =) I love the shower curtain too... I vote that you should keep it... except I don't get a vote, do I. =) Have a wonderful time. I am sure you will both make even more friends, so fast. And of course we will always be your friends! And the East Coast isn't too far away, either. Glad you are in the U S of A! Best Wishes and keep in touch! Maybe it's time to write letters?! =Rachel

  2. It looks cute! I am so excited you get to try this area out for such a good deal!!!(0:

  3. Welcome to Colonial Beach! Check out the Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Colonial-Beach-VA/Colonial-Beach-Virginia-Attractions/182633747584

  4. Welcome to Colonial Beach! It's a very calm and relaxing place to live. If you have any questions about the area, please email me at lilacs.and.kayaks@gmail.com and I'll be happy to give you my opinion! And if you're looking for a church, please consider trying Oak Grove Baptist (http://www.ogbcfamily.org/Oak_Grove_Baptist_Church/Home.html). It's 6 miles down the road from Colonial Beach, and many of our members live in or near the Beach. When will you actually get into town? Travel carefully, and may God bless your trip. -- Linda W.