Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Day

Our last days in town and they are crazy! Packing the car is insain, and we ended up sending a few boxes which was good, glad thats done and I can see out the back window.

While the movers were packing everything Juno made her plan very clear.

We said goodbye to her yesterday and she is safe and sound with Uncle Stephen for now, to be shipped over to join us later. 

We had a great last evening with the Hurley's who were kind enough to put us up, as we are homeless now! :-( We had a great night with shortcake and scrabble. 

And to mark my last morning in Seattle, it started to poor, we had a very nice sunny day yesterday but this our last day its pouring, and I took Pam Hurley for a walk. 

It was a great morning! Off to meet my brother for lunch and then leave Seattle proper and head to my Mum's new house in Gig Harbor for the night. 

I keep thinking how blessed I have been here in Seattle, with great friends and family, and I know God will bless us too in this new place. I am so looking forward to seeing how He will do so. And our road trip. We have one new Nephew to see, born just yesterday, and I am hoping another new baby boy if he is born today! And the Grand Canyon, and some friends along the way! I will update as often as I can so stay tuned!

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  1. Will miss you so much Rochelle, you are a blessing in my life. Love you your British Mum