Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Beginnings

We drove out of Seattle through the rain yesterday, how appropriate, I thought I would be really sad but it was surprisingly OK. I think largely because we had good goodbyes with many of you for which I am very grateful! We got to spend last night in my parents new home and see some family one last time and had a great evening of fellowship. And a nice goodbye with them this morning as well as seeing Grandma and Aunt along the way South. Now we are really on the road, headed towards Portland for tonight, and on to Cali tomorrow. So it will be real soon I am sure though its not yet somehow, even with my belongings filling the car. 
I am also so very blessed by many welcoming messages from Colonial Beach locals welcoming us to town, and we have yet to even arrive. I have a great feeling about this town, and can't wait to see it. My blog was featured on the town's homes facebook page with a message to welcome new residents from Seattle, and they did, thank you to many of you who welcomed us. Makes it much easier to leave home with a kind welcome ahead. How wonderful i think I am going to like a small town where people still know the art of hospitality! 

Coffee this morning on my camp stove, as Mums kitchen is under renovations and has not installed a stove yet. 

One more picture with Mum and Dad, before the tears :-)

With the car all full before pulling out and setting out. 

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