Monday, September 13, 2010

First day!

So now that I am in my new local coffee shop with wi-fi I can post all the pictures I took yesterday. We started the day just an hour away and had an appointment to meet the land lord at the rental later in the day so we thought we would go check out the base and make sure we knew where to go for Brian's first day of work. We drove into the county and stopped for a picture.
I am looking forward to whatever the fall festival is, there are nice corn fields around, maybe a maze!?

And right across the street was this beautiful church, all the churches here are beautiful, they all have a steeple, even the new ones are build to look like the older ones, I love all the architecture so far. 
The drive getting closer and closer was lovely, the beautiful farms and houses and fields, nothing but trees and they are starting to turn colors and are beautiful! The surrounding area is just what I imagined Pennsylvania to look like but with not horse and carriages. 

We then headed to the base, and it was really beautiful too, I was surprised, and the commanders homes where something to see, right on the river and incredible! 

And other views driving through the housing area, the the tree lined streets are loverly. 

We also drove around and checked out some the the testing facility areas and waterfront areas. 

You can see some of the test guns in the background here, but I won't post them publicly for security reasons. 

This is right out to the river where the guns would shoot, its very wide at this point. Thats Maryland in the distance. 

Brian in front of the biggest target you ever did see, he loved it!

This is the riverside from the town on Colonial beach 5 min. drive from where we are living. You can see the nest up high there are many birds to watch. 

This is the main city beach a block from all the city municipal buildings, and with the gazebo in the background and the main public fishing dock. The water was very warm!

The view back at town and some nice homes from the public dock. 

This is the front door of our rental home. You can see the water through the house, and out the main sliding doors. 

Closer up of the view from the front door, we are on a small inlet with just trees across from the main living room view. 

The kitchen thats the same view as above out those doors you see over the sink. 

Out the sliding doors and looking left is the screened in gazebo with a table for dinner, complete with an overhead fan. :-) You can also see behind the end of the small inlet we are on. 

Looking right out the main doors, thats our dock, the boat is not for our use though don't get to excited, the lease the dock to the boat owner. But its nice water to swim off of I am sure, also warm, we will try it in a few days I am sure. Thats also the tress directly ahead, and just to the right further away is the western edge of the peninsula that is the town of Colonial Beach, its about 4 miles by road but I imagine only 1/2 mile by boat directly across. 

And this is to the right, you can see the community marina which is our neighbor, and the end of the Colonial Beach peninsula on the right edge of the shot. 

And back inside you can see the sliding doors on the bottom right and this is the view looking down from the stairs. There is a walkway all the way across, and even a library at the end of the walkway. This leaded up to a semi loft master suite. 

This is the view walking into the master, its a beautiful big room, you can see the door to the bathroom with the walk in off of it in on the far wall. 

And the view back to the entry and Brian discovering that there is a private screened in balcony off the bedroom. It looks out the back of the house towards to open water the opposite direction of the small inlet we sit on. 
The view from the window you see directly ahead in below. 

Thats the turn around at the end of the split of land we are on and the parking for the small marina which is just out of view to the left. You can see the end of Colonial Beach and the open water to the right. 

Back inside again this is the master bath, whirlpool, and it works great, I tried it our last night! :-)

And the view out that bathroom window you can see! Opposite side of the house as the last bedroom window picture, this is the inside of the small inlet. Gazebo is just off to the right in the picture, but thats the same tree you can see thats also over the gazebo. 

And just off the bathroom is the huge closet which our one duffel of clothes each will not near fill, and the Christmas tree in storage in the corner, we are set for everything! This might also be the only window in the house with no view! :-)

And back to us again! We are soo excited and so overwhelmed with the amazing blessing this house is!! I was sure when we got there we stumbled into the wrong home! We feel unbelievably blessed with this home to come to, the area and this new job Brian started today. I can't wait to see what house God has for us after being blown away with this temporary home. The owners will be renting it for much more money weekly to vacationers come Spring so we can only stay here this winter, but what a winter!
Thank you for many of your prayers! many have been answered, and but please continue to pray for a church community and Brian's job. 
We miss you all already, and feel so loved by many of your send off's and anticipate many of your visits!

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