Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CA to AZ

Monday morning we left Chrissy's in LA and headed East officially! We are really on our way now! Above was leaving LA we started to see Joshua trees, Brian was very excited. 

In the middle of the California desert was one peek seen from a rest stop. Not much to report, it was very hot, we were very glad to stay in the air conditioned car! It was close to 100 and this stop the ladies room was being cleaned so we had to wait in a long line in the sun for the one unisex room, by the time I was through the line I was done with the California desert. 

Grand Canyon here we come!

Happy hour at sonic! Served at the car by a girl in roller skates and a poodle skirt and all, and we got the "route 66" size cherry lime-aid! Perfect as we were driving through the hot desert.

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We spend half the day on the I-40 which we will stay on for the next 3 days. This was also on the other side of the desert as it was getting green and stayed green until the East side of the Grand Canyon. 

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