Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Impressions

Crickets crickets all the time! I am feeling a little jet lagged and I blame the crickets! The first day I noticed them quite loud at noon, which threw me because I feel like the are a twilight thing not an all day thing. I am slowly getting used to them but they are all the time which feels odd.
I was told the first time I drove by 7-11 here in town everyone would be talking about me, you have to remember a WA State licence plate is not seen much around here so far from home, so I stand out driving around town. And sure enough the men who smoke and drink coffee each morning in front of the 7-11 where there and stared unashamedly at me the whole time I was pumping gas. I have been stared at allot for that mater, and not like we are used to people stare, you see them and they quickly look away, well here they just keep on staring until you turn a corner, no shame at all, they don't care if you see them. And I have to say I have not minded much. Or I am getting used to it. Regardless its nice people know enough to know a new person. And I get waved at by everyone which I can get used to! And they smile, its a very purposeful wave with a smile, its very nice, and very friendly. We wave very half heartedly in the NW I have come to realize. I will have to start taking pictures of people waving at me to show you.
We met with a Realtor the other night and I am going out to look at home for the first time today, I am very excited.
Brian is liking his job so far, he is still mostly doing in-processing stuff and not working yet but the people all seem great and things are very laid back and easy going which is right up his ally, and everyone he will work with seem to love their job which is also nice.
I have been driving him the 30 min to the base each morning so I can run around town all day and then pick him up, which has worked out well. I have been getting the house sorted slowly, slowly because the land lords need to add more freon to the AC so its not working well right now so I haven't been wanting to spend the mid day at home to much. It is beautiful though!
I did spend one day at home and I keep thinking about how far I could row myself. We are 4 miles driving from "town" and maybe only 1/2 mile by boat, so if Brian has the car I keep considering trying to go by water.
Its right across, the picture makes it look further, but its very still protected waters which is good, I could go less far to the shore further right but would have to walk further left once I was there to get to shops. What you see right across is the marina, and I am told they have live bands Friday night and we can sit on our deck and here the music across the water. So that should be fun, hopefully we like the band, with no AC we will kitchen to it regardless with all the windows open. It hasn't been more than 85 I think so its not to bad, heat wise, but its humid enough that it feel worse than it sounds, but its bearable. 
I went to McDonald's for something quick today and this was the view. 

A local golf cart going through the drive through! :-D I laughed! This is a golf cart community! Everyone who lives here has one and uses it to go all around town. 

Thats all for today, I will try to post more, but we don't have internet at home yet so its not easy. And I am busy, and the heat makes you more tired too. We are hoping to go to "town" read Fredricksburg which is the nearest city of any size, with things like mall, movies and Costco, so we hope to go check it out Saturday. 
More when I can, miss many of you, come see us soon! We are looking forward to many of your visits already  on the calender! Yah!


  1. Candace is really excited about coming out in December. It is her birthday gift. I remember living in Toronto and how humid it was, but soon it will be winter and then it will be cool.