Thursday, September 9, 2010


This was our first view of Oklahoma. It was dark and raining when we crossed the border, so this was all we could get when we passed the "Welcome to Oklahoma" sign. Sad we had a perfect record up till this state in getting a picture of each state sign. We crossed half the State in the dark and got to a nice price line hotel in Oklahoma City around 10pm.

We set out early the next morning in the rain, we are still being followed by this same storm Hermine. This was my view as we set out this morning, of Brian sleeping next to me

And most of my views of Oklahoma looked like this. I did see enough to see it was nice and green and had nice trees, the first trees we had really seen sense California, there have just been lots of brush in between. 

More views of the rainy landscape

And we did manage  to get a sign photo on our way out of the State! Yah!
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