Sunday, September 12, 2010


We are home! We moved into this great house. Its going to be a vacation house this Spring but they wanted someone in it for the off season and we got a great deal. Its amazing, more than I could have imagined. We don't have internet yet so I will find some wifi tomorrow and post a bunch more pictures, this will have to do for now.
We left the hotel this morning and went to the base, explored it, and its beautiful! I took a bunch of pictures but lots of water everywhere and trees and its very nice. We then drove here to the rental and met the land lords who were very nice, its a family beach house. And after you see the pictures you all need to go book a flight out. Keep in mind this is the rental and we will only be here 4-6 months or until we buy a house. And we won't be buying a house on the water you can be asured! So now is your chance!

Here is the front door, you can see right through out the doors to the water!

The living/ dinning, taken from the kitchen sink! Thats the huge sliding doors looking out to the water! To the left is another window from the dinning room that looks to the inside of the little inlet we are on. And to the right is the way out to the potomic river, which is so wide at this part you can hardly see the other side.

The amazing deck where we had dinner, on the other end of the desk is a screened in gazebo with a table to have dinner bug free, but tonight there were no bugs so we sat here. You can also see just off the deck the community marina which is next door, we are at the end of the road which is way such wide views, we are at the end of the spit of land. When we were getting here we thought we much have missed the house number because we went to far to the end, and then there it was!

And this is us taen from OUR DOCK looking back at the house and the porch!

Can I just say agian, there is a loft which a huge master and downstairs there is a perfect little guest room with YOUR NAME ON IT! Yes I am talking to YOU! Remember we will not be in this house for long!

Must go unpack and find Brian clothes for the first day of work tomorrow. I will post more pictures tomorrow as I said. Thanks for many of your prayers! Now pray for our new church home, and the home hunt to buy, to bad this one is not for sale! :-)

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  1. I missed something...This house is different than the other one you were going to rent! I LOVE the view from this one. what happened to the other one? I might need to come visit you without Jason!