Saturday, September 11, 2010

Illinois / Indiana

After leaving St Louis we headed across a bridge and found ourselves in Illinois, but there was no sign! ;-( So we don't have the picture, but here was a view from Illinois, we passed through the Southern edge in a few hours. 

Then we passed into Indiana, and drove through it for a few hours. 

We saw many nice farms and farm houses. 

And we crossed over into Kentucky that evening just 10 min from my cousins home. We had a wonderful dinner and fellowship with her and her husband and they kindly put us up for the night. We also crossed over into Eastern time at this State, so if I call you early in the morning and forget, I'm sorry in advance!

Today we are off to VA, and are traveling through the West Virgina mountains right now, Brian is pleasantly surprised by their beauty I think. And we are 4 hours from home, so they are not to far away. We are staying one last night in a hotel tonight while our rental is prepared for us, so we will be in Richmond VA tonight, just an hour and a bit away. We changed where we will live at the last when a fully furnished place came available at the last moment, so we will have beds and a guest bed and everything, but will home to move in Sunday just in time for Brian to start work Monday. 

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