Friday, September 17, 2010

"The Village" A.K.A. Colonial Beach VA

Colonial Beach VA

A little about the small village near us. I like to think of it as a village as its most similar to little seaside villages in England that I know. As far as I have ever seen the NW does not have anything near this in which to refer to it. So its a village. I took pictures of main street, though its not called that. There is another main drag thats more a driving road where the McDonald's, True Value, Papa Johns etc is. But this is the main old downtown where you can walk to things and the city buildings are. On the map this is on Washington Ave between Colonial ave and Boundary. If you look on the map we live in Monroe Bay, just south of the name on the map. Its aptly names as John Monroe was born here in Monroe Bay not 1 mile from the house. I should also say its about a 4 mile drive around Monroe Bay to get to "the village".
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This is the beautiful little elementary school. If I turn around you see the water, over a city part with gazebo, though not this day as there was a circus is town and the big top blocked the view. 

This is a typical sight in town, golf carts are allowed on the road and surprisingly people of all ages use them, young and old alike, and every home has one in the driveway. Also a beautiful old home with old tree's right next to the school. 

Across from the school the park and circus tent, behind it is the water.

Looking down the street with the school on my right.

Ice cream stand, haven't tried it yet but I am sure I will. 

If you turn left at the ice cream stand this is what you see, and if you walk that way you will come to the "board walk" that runs just a few blocks parallel to this bit of the street. From the Park to the Museum.

Down one more block is the only coffee place in town. Its down up super cute and used to be an old Esso gas station, so its has memorabilia from then.

Looking just past the coffee shop is the rent of the street, golf cart sales of course, you can also rent them here. The brick you can just see is the library and town visitor information center, and the museum on the left, nice little house, currently featuring the "Oyster wars" exhibit, which sounds thrilling, but is only open Sat and Sun afternoons so I haven't seen for myself yet.

So thats about it, there are some waterfront restaurants and some marina's. Maybe I will walk the boardwalk and show you that next. Brian and I are headed to "town" A.K.A. Fredricksburg this weekend so I hope to have more pictures to show you of that.

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