Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You heard it here first!

And I will just say no I am not pregnant because I am sure you were all thinking that, anytime I announce anything its always what people say, but rest assured if I was you would not be hearing it first on my blog! I mean I am not that bad!

Brian and Rochelle will not have internet! Shock silence, I know! Us of all people! So its interesting in this area, there is not DSL or other fast internet options, very has dishes! Its so odd, but dish only offers slow internet and we would be stuck with dish cable for 2 years and its expensive for bad internet, so in our temporary place it just does not make sense, so not only do our cell phones hardly work, had I mentioned this? But we have no internet at home either. There is a library and coffee shop in town with WiFI and the library on base we have been spending some time, which is where I am now. So if you never see me on google chat, and I am slow to respond to your e-mails, and I hardly ever pick up my phone now you know why. As for the phones we seem to have reception if we are within a block of the water, so on the base some places not others, and in all the Wi-FI places we have no reception, and on all the roads we have no reception. We do end the contact we have on Feb so we will swap then, there are some services that have service all over so it won't last but for now I apologize for "going dark" on you. I will keep tiring to post so at lease you know I am still here when I can't contact you directly.

In other good news today I got my gate pass, so I can come on and off base without Brian now which is a big help! And I have access to the pool and gym.

Also we did find the camera, I knew it had to be right in front of us all alone so that crisis is averted, but as I am on a libray computer today pictures will have to wait.

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  1. I have to make a correction, a few days after I posted this Brian found that the cable company will service our area and we can get high speed internet, so never mind! They come Friday!