Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Mexico

Tuesday we left the Grand Canyon and drove into New Mexico. It rained much of the day as you can see from the nice Welcome to NM sign below. It was an uneventful and long day once we left the Grand Canyon behind, we mostly drove and here is an snapshot of the exciting things we found. 

Lots and lots of road, and more road as far as the eye can see. Boy is it flat!

More flatness while Brian was driving later in the day. I have been starting out the day driving and Brian takes over when I get tired, usually for the later half of the day. 

And mostly we saw signs, every exit it seems had a "must see" something. Most of them where" hand made moccasins for the whole family" or "Indian blankets, best deal" "must stop" "must see" "cold ice" you know because I hat hot ice and "hot food" or my favorite "best hot food" what dose that even mean? So we were well entertained all the way. Most of the exits had something and would have at least 15 signs 200 feet apart leading up to the exit. Above is an example. 

And for some excitement we drove by this! As we got closer to Albuquerque NM we did see more and more cool rock things like this which was cool. We did get a great deal on priceline for the Sheridan in Albuquerque so we got a great night sleep after a nice all you can eat home cooked food at the "Golden Corral" buffet. And this morning we were off again for another driving day from NM through Northern Texas and into Oklahoma. I will post more exciting pictures of the drive through those states soon. The great news is I think the "mountains" in VA might actually look impressive after driving through most of these states!
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  1. We also noticed the extreme flatness when we drove across with the motor home. We also were amused by the never ending roadside signs. Many of which prepared you for some extravaganza in a count down of miles, only to have it be a gas station, painted rock, or worse, a single teepe selling Indian "dream catchers". Dad.