Monday, September 6, 2010

Day at the Getty

Saterday while Brian hung with his family I made a trip to the Getty Museam. Loads of fun. I have always enjoyed art museams as a whole and this one in particular from when I lived here. Even more they have sence I moved built a new villa museam for the antiquies collection in Mallabu. I really wanted to go there but you had to have a ticket and they were all gone. So I went to the Getty center main collection. When I got there they were able to give me a ticket to the villa so I was able to see both.

A view over the wonderful gardens from a gallery balcony. 

I really loved the Gerome collection that was there just for the Summer, some wonderful peices and so very detailed. 
The Christian Martyrs Last Prayer
This one I loved, and it captivated and humbled me. Its huge in person and you can see each hair on the lion, and the faces of the Christians are remarkable.

This was the villa, remarkable, Getty has it built as a perfect replication of a villa that was destroyed in Pompeii. Its like walking back in time and spending and afternoon in Italy all at once. You can see the amphitheater on the left and they do Greek theater each Summer here. 

The main gardens were recreated with all the plants that would have been there during the Romans, they were spectacular. 

The main courtyard from the upper galleries. 

Myself with a Roman Athlete in the gardens, a replica of a bust pulled from Pompeii. 

The breif view I had on the pacific from the Pacific Coast Hyway going to the villa in Malibu. 

I often underestimate the effect art can have. I always come away feeling refreshed somehow.  Its a great form of worship for me and I come away feeling just as I do when I have spent a day alone in nature. These museums of course have beautiful settings also so you get the best of both worlds. 
All and all it was a great trip, we have some wonderful time with Brian's family, and lots of time holding the new baby and with art and fellowship. Great time was had by all!

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