Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grand Canyon in the rain

We spent a great night just a 1/4 mile from the rim in a nice motel, it had been remodeled since the pictures I had seen on line were taken so I was very pleasantly surprised! Yavapai Lodge
We woke up to overcast and rainy, we felt right at home, but it did make the Canyon harder to see, but we were very happy to have had the evening before so we were able to see lots then with beautiful weather. We wandered to the Bright Angle lodge and saw what was in the "village".

We then drove East towards the Desert View tower, and had some fun along the way.

By the time we go to the Eastern end the sun had come back out and we had one last wonderful view over the desert end of the canyon.

Brian had fun finding lots of California Condors. These two almost pooped on us as we hiked under this tree, but we were narrowly missed!

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