Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well sadly the camera has been hiding this weekend so you will get not pictures from me this post. But this is exactly the site I saw when I visited downtown Fredricksburg, so you can pretend I took it, I very well could have. It was a full weekend but I will have to go into details later, for tonight I will just say how it all went. Please note, if you plan to visit me, take special note as I post and explore of all the places you want me to take you back it.
The weekend had great plans all of which we changed in the moment. It was great. We had wonderful plans to explore Fredricksburg Saturday but had a lazy morning where I made my hand working man pancakes in bed, and then we both decided we had been so busy all week we had hardly had any time to just enjoy where we were. So we read on the deck for awhile (this is the only picture I do have and the last that was taken which means the camera is not to far) and then checked out the local State Park which was loverly! We also sopped on the birthplace of Robert E Lee and built in 1770 something, and found out it was 10$ entry and decided to go back when we have visitors, we hear its well worth it, the original house and building for a plantation. And checked out George Washington's Birthplace (all of 6 miles from our house) which is a national monument and free! And it was beautiful and very nicely done, we will go back and see more and take the tour. Then we were home by three (remember this was all just 10 miles down the raoad) and had a very nice evening, I made dinner and we watched a move and enjoyed the view and the not so hot day!
Today we went to two church services, thought we would get a jump on things and one of the churches I was interested in had an early service so I could do both, So we did that, the first was a beautiful old white church with steeple and pews, and was Southern Baptist, it was ok but we were there when they had a visiting singer/ preacher guy come, so there were lots a visitors I guess and it was mostly an alter call so its hard to tell what a usual Sunday might be like, but the Ps. seemed very nice. Its 400 strong on a Sunday  so its doing something right at thats huge in this area. We then we to the only PCA church in the area, Brian grew up PCA, and we liked it allot, but it is very new, there was no PCA church around for a long time so its been a long time coming I guess, and they meet in a rented tin building with no windows, in a field with a gravel drive. It could not have been more different, yet it was nice after so many exquisite churches around, and I have a feeling there are many people who attend culturally so to speak, but not so in this little 100 person congregation, you could tell they were very genuine and where there because its a large part of their lives. I am sure we will go back, but we will also visit more before we settle in somewhere, we might go back to the other one two on a more normal week, we will see.
We then went and saw some of the historic city, and explored a little, I am excited to go back to St Georges in town, its a beautiful sanctuary that they recently did up  I guess and has beautiful windows and they have concerts there monthly. They have an in house orchestra, and sung celtic evensong every Sunday evening I want to go back for some weekend. We then went and found the mall and got Brian some work clothes, which is very nice mall as malls go, with a new outdoor sections like all the malls have now, and costco right attached to the mall! Crazy! And a very very nice new movie, with fancy VIP seats just like in Hollywood, very cool. We saw a movie and relaxed some more and came home and had Mexican food on the end of our dock and listened to the crickets and bugs they are loud in these parts, you never heard anything like it!
And now this is much longer than planed and its much later than planed and I need to iron Brian work things and go to bed. More soon, and pray I find the camera and I can post more pictures too!

I got the camera back so I thought I would add the picture that was the cause of the loosing the camera, ( I dared to remove it from Brian pocket, and it all went downhill from there!) This was Saturday morning!

You can see why staying home sounded nice! Brian whats to go to Virgina Beach this weekend as the weather is still "so nice" read 90! And me without my big beach umbrella, Brian drew the line there when we packed the car to drive across country! :-)

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