Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Boardwalk!

This is "the village" Boardwalk (its cement actually)

This is looking North up the boardwalk, the building at the far end is some kind of gambling place that in Maryland because its over the water which is Maryland technically. And a restaurant on the left, with a tiki bar

The Tiki bar with nice white sand for the "floor"

Looking South down the boardwalk, you can see the public pier 

The beach looking South, towards the end of the spit of land that is the city of Colonial Beach. I guess they natually has nice white sand here and sold it some time ago. Who knew there was a market for sand! Anyway this is now brought in which is sad, but the private beach near our house has very nice white sand, I am guessing is the natural stuff. 
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  1. are you thinking this area is where you want to stay?