Sunday, September 5, 2010

In LA and new baby!

Such fun sitting around watching a bran new baby make faces, we took maybe 50 pictures, I will spare you from sharing all of them, but it was lots of fun! We are here in LA with Brian's sister and family. But I am gettimng ahead of myself, we had fun getting here from Sacramento also, In and Out being the highlight of the drive. Its late so I will let the pictures tell you the rest.
Leaving Sacramento Friday morning, Tom if you are reading this your parents have not killed the dog yet, we can testify she was alive and well as of Friday morning. 

Driving all day = crazy hair
In and Out burgers

Proud Uncle Brian, perfect little baby boy Elijah Thomas Hampson (Graham)

I could do many more but I will leave you with those for now. More of Saturday and my trip to the Getty to come. 

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  1. In n' out!!!!! Oh how I miss those ...