Saturday, September 11, 2010

White Castle

We have been driving by White castles for days now, so we thought we should really stop so we can say we had been there and tired it. Brian liked the building.

If you are not familiar with White Castle like us, its apparently the first sliders. So you get 3-4 little burgers with a meal.  

I was less than impressed, if I never go back it will be too soon. I think its the kind of place you go to when drunk, or hungover or something. But if this is true there were allot of non drinkers there at noon, many over 70 years old, which seemed odd to me. Cruel even to feed our elderly so badly, I am sure the deserved better.  The beef seemed a little suspicious, and the bread was so soggy it was like glue. All and all adding to our big adventure! 
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